Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Web Design Services – Creative & Effective

Web Design Services – Creative & Effective ‘Done-for-You’ Services.

All businesses need a website. It’s the one component that will impact how effectively all your other marketing activities work, and how your business is perceived online.

Unfortunately, just ‘having’ a website isn’t enough. Even if it looks great, if the text hasn’t been written correctly, the layout isn’t functional or it’s not been built with the search engines in mind, it simply won’t work.

Web Design Services

Business owners come to us regularly, frustrated that their website isn’t bringing them any business. Many are about to bin their online marketing project altogether.

When we take a look, we can nearly always identify what’s wrong. Most web design agencies will build a website to look good, nothing else. Little or no concern for SEO or Digital Marketing!

Our affordable web design services are designed to give the companies we work with the option to have a website that not only looks great, but which can be found in the search engines, works well, and converts visitors into leads.

What Does a business need from a Website?

  • It needs to be found by search engines
  • It needs to look good
  • It needs to convert visitors into leads
  • It needs to be affordable

Unfortunately, in our experience, most web design companies will only tick one or two of these boxes.

Our web design services have been designed to not only be highly affordable for most businesses, but also highly functional. The reason we feel we are able to do this better than many other web design companies is the breadth of experience we have.

The fact is our core business services include SEO, Local SEO, Pay per Click, Digital Marketing and much more. AFTER a website is launched (paid advertising, social media and other promotion) we know exactly what works and how to make your new website work for you.

Our web design and development services have been designed to make the whole process both easy and effective for our customers.

All our websites draw on the 20 years plus of content marketing experience we have to ensure that our clients are left with a website that not only looks great, but which also attracts the right type of traffic, and converts that traffic into paying customers.

We specialise in user-friendly and highly customisable WordPress web design services that cater to the ever-changing needs of customers.

We build websites on WordPress because it’s search-engine friendly, intuitive and easy to use. Most importantly, WordPress website and development are a cost-effective method that is suitable for content marketing and social media integration.

When you choose to work with Direct Submit, you’ll enjoy more predictable and sustainable results. Call us today on 0845 2722350 or visit our website for more information.

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