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PC Andrew Harper: ‘Andrew’s Law’ Campaign

PC Andrew Harper: Mother Backs ‘Andrew’s Law’ Campaign.
The mother of PC Andrew Harper has backed her daughter-in-law’s call for tougher prison sentences for the killers of emergency service workers. PC Harper, 28, died when he was dragged for more than a mile along a road by a getaway car in Berkshire.

On Wednesday his widow Lissie began a campaign for “Andrew’s Law” and said offenders should “spend the rest of their lives in jail”. His mother Debbie Adlam said killers should serve at least 20 years.

PC Harper’s killers were convicted of manslaughter but cleared of murder.

Henry Long, who drove the getaway car, was jailed for 16 years, while his accomplices Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole were sentenced to 13 years each at the Old Bailey on Friday.

The Attorney General’s Office said on Tuesday it had been asked to review the sentences given to the killers after claims they are too lenient.

Mrs Adlam said: “We got to the end of our trial and we didn’t feel like justice had been done, we felt like we had been punched.

“To get the sentence come down to the amount that it did, we didn’t walk away feeling that we had done Andrew proud.”

She added: “We’ve heard [politicians] all talking about laws in the past, changing the laws. It’s all been said before, but where’s the action?

“We need to go past talking. We need to see a result and get something done. I don’t want any other families to be in the position we’re in now.”

The Andrew’s Law campaign is backed by the Police Federation.

PC Harper’s widow has vowed to fight in memory of her late husband “so that anyone killing a police officer, firefighter, nurse, doctor or paramedic is jailed for life”.

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