Welcome & Introduction to Hereward College

Welcome & Introduction to Hereward College

If you are a parent with a child that has special needs or work with young people with disabilities you may find it difficult to find suitable further education that is able to cater to the individual needs of disabled people.  Due to the shortage in suitable provision locally, letting a young person gain further qualifications and education in a specialised residential college can sometimes be a really good option.

At Hereward College they have an excellent campus complete with all the facilities required to help disabled people reach their full potential, and with a wide range of courses on offer they make sure that every student has the opportunity to study at a level that is completely suited to their level of ability.

With a focus on helping every student make sure that they are fully prepared to begin their next stage of life with confidence and the skills they require, each learner is provided with a bespoke study plan that it designed to take any special additional requirements into account.  Facilities onsite include an assessment centre, various therapies, a well-equipped learning resource centre, sports centre and a comfortable café. All areas have had adaptations to make them accessible to all students regardless of their mobility needs, so every effort has been taken to make sure that all students get to make the most of all the opportunities available at Hereward Collage.

There is the choice to attend as a residential or day student at Hereward College so learners can decide if they are ready to try staying away from home if they wish.  With all bedrooms including Wi-Fi and a fully accessible en-suite bathroom it is the ideal way for any young person with special needs to start gaining more personal independence, and with plenty of well trained staff on hand if there is ever an issue you can have the added reassurance that they will have any help that they need.  With courses including units to improve independence, personal care and preparation for entering the world of work at Hereward they aim to provide every learner with skills that will really benefit them later on in life.

At Hereward College they have an excellent range of well trained staff to ensure that all students receive the correct care and supervision during their time.  Speech Therapists, physiotherapists and other support staff work alongside the teaching staff to make sure that all students are able to make improvements in all areas of their lives as well as receiving more formal education as well.  With a choice of pathway plans to take every student will have the opportunity to enrol on a course that reflects their abilities and that is designed to help them to learn new things that are achievable and well suited to their needs.  With a strong belief in student participation all learners are given the opportunity to voice their views and opinions about college life and are encouraged to engage in the wide range of social events and peer support projects that are on offer.

If you are looking for a place offering young people with disabilities day care provision or you are interested in residential services why not take a look at Hereward College’s prospectus?  With all the equipment and staff required to give young people with special needs a real opportunity to gain independence and further their education, with the special range of additional courses on offer as well they will also gain all the skills they need to successful transition into adulthood.

If you would like further information about the specialist services available at Hereward College for young people with disabilities, please call 024 7646 1231 or visit the Hereward College website today at http://www.hereward.ac.uk/.

Executive Search and Professional Interim

Executive Search and Professional Interim

HW is a global Executive Search and Professional Interim business operating out of the UK. Our focus is on the senior talent needs of a broad range of dynamic organisations from small capitally invested start-ups through to publicly traded multi-nationals. We have a significant breadth of functional and cross industry expertise that incorporates both local and global geographies, enabling us to genuinely appreciate diversity, cultural differences, social responsibility and how commercially business is done across continents.

We have a passion for challenging the conventional thinking of our clients, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of cross-industry synergies whilst representing high-potential and seasoned executives that frequently sit beneath the radar. Our candidates typically become clients meaning many relationships have spanned 3 decades; our commitment to consistently delivering best-in-class solutions is without compromise.

Our practice areas in Executive Search and Professional Interim are Consumer, Financial Services, Business Services, Industrial, CFO, CIO, Chair & NED.


In a dynamic and highly challenged economy the role of senior executives across all sectors, functions and geographies remains business critical.

Being able to recognise cross-industry synergies, attract business professionals who are passionate about utilising their skills in new areas, and applying decades of knowledge to

shape and support clients’ strategic initiatives remains at the heart of our continued success.

Having a global perspective and multi-cultural appreciation enables us to shape richly diverse executive teams helping our clients to achieve outstanding results.


As a true client partner HW work tirelessly to ensure that we genuinely appreciate the intimate detail of every search we undertake. We believe in providing healthy challenge and honest feedback through each phase of the assignment, tackling potential issues collaboratively whilst offering constructive solutions throughout.

Our sole aim is to exceed expectations by providing a breadth of highly talented candidates delivered through a smooth and efficient process.

To achieve this we follow a number of clearly defined steps.

· Agree the priorities of the search

Define the need through critical evaluation of the business and unique role requirements

Agree the responsibilities of the role and the person specification

Challenge the scope of the search – Salary range, sector expertise, academic/commercial skills

Finalise brief

· Define target audience

Agree company target list for initial approach work

Utilise local and global relationship network to identify potential talent

Reference individuals who meet agreed criteria

Create a longlist of candidates for discussion

· Approach work

Engage with target market to understand and evaluate suitability

Challenge competency, cultural and commercial skills

Evaluate personal and professional drivers

Finalise shortlist for client presentation

· Shortlist presentation

Formal client review of all shortlisted candidates incorporating our assessment of both hard and soft skills vs. the brief

Provide supporting evidence of track record, career achievements, qualifications and fit

Agree client interview availability

· Completion

Manage both client and candidate needs and expectations until the preferred individual is selected

Provide formal references

Lead the salary package negotiation process to finalise the offer

Support the on-boarding program through regular communication with both parties

Complete client satisfaction survey

Remain in touch with both client and placement to check on progress and transition


With over 40 years combined experience, the Interim Practice has been at the forefront of one of the most dynamic and prolific service offerings within the Human Capital industry.

HW Interim provide experienced and talented interim and change management executives to PLCs, private companies, SMEs and private equity backed organisations for assignments in the UK and overseas.

The fabric of the Interim proposition consists of an elite network of senior Executives, all of whom specialise in change, turnaround or transformation. HW have met, vetted, referenced and known, many who are also clients.

Working alongside the Executive Search business we adhere to the same principles and high standards, enabling us to source the ideal interim to match our clients’ needs.

Our strategy is to develop longstanding partner relationships with all our clients. Working with a team of dedicated and experienced Researchers we are able to provide solutions within a 48hr timespan and with well over 90% completion rates.

The business offers both purist Interim cluster solutions as well as Interim to substantive options. Daily rates are typically between £850-£2000 per day. For further information please visit the HW Global Executive Search website today.

US Fed Urges Patience as Inflation Lags

US Fed Urges Patience as Inflation Lags
Policymakers at the US central bank are growing increasingly concerned about lagging inflation rates. Many policymakers are worried that the slow pick-up in price increases may be due to long-term trends, not just short-term factors. They urged that “some patience” guide the Fed as it considers plans to raise interest rates.

Many analysts expect the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates once more this year. But several members said their willingness to take action would depend on incoming economic data. A few said a rise should be deferred until it was clear that inflation trends were on pace to hit the Fed’s 2% target. “All agreed that they would closely monitor and assess incoming data before making any further adjustment to the federal funds rate,” they said.

The publication of the minutes from the Fed’s September meeting follows recent remarks and speeches by Fed policymakers that have highlighted questions about inflation rates.

Interpretation of new data is likely to be complicated by efforts to tease out temporary effects from recent hurricanes, which wreaked havoc in parts of the country, including Texas and Florida.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen also gave a speech last month focusing on the Fed’s uncertainty about what is driving inflation trends. She had previously stressed that the lagging inflation was probably due to temporary factors, such as lower prices for cellphone plans. But in her speech, she said other factors could include long-term changes to health care prices, driven by the Affordable Care Act, as well as economic shifts unleashed by the internet, such as online shopping and greater price transparency.

The uncertainty strengthens the case for “gradual” adjustments, she said.

Sarah House, a Charlotte-based economist at Wells Fargo, said she thinks the Fed remains on track to raise interest rates once more this year. But she said the discussion is a reminder to investors that increases will remain relatively limited. “The Fed is in a tightening cycle, but it looks nothing like the tightening cycle we’ve seen in previous years,” she said.

UK Construction Activity Shrinks

UK Construction Activity Shrinks
Activity in the UK construction sector contracted for the first time in 13 months in September, according to a closely watched survey. The IHS Markit/CIPS purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for the sector fell to 48.1, below the 50 mark that separates growth from contraction.

The survey found “political and economic uncertainty” had affected the commercial property industry. It also reported a “steep” fall in civil engineering work. The survey found that new construction work had fallen for the third month in a row, which it said was the longest period of decline since early 2013, excluding the drop-off in work following the EU referendum last June.

Some companies said the fall in civil engineering work – the steepest for almost four-and-a-half years – was due to a lack of new infrastructure projects to replace completed contracts.

IHS Markit said that house building was the only area of construction which showed a rise in activity last month, but added that momentum had eased because of “worries about less favourable market conditions ahead. Fragile client confidence and reduced tender opportunities meant that growth expectations across the UK construction sector are… among the weakest for four-and-a-half years,” said IHS Markit’s Tim Moore, the author of the report. At the same time, cost pressures have intensified, driven by supply bottlenecks and rising prices for imported materials.”

Howard Archer, chief economic adviser to the EY Item Club, said: “There is the particular concern that potential clients will be cautious over committing to major projects if economic, political and Brexit uncertainties remain elevated over the coming months. “Construction companies will be hoping that recent government measures aimed at boosting infrastructure and housebuilding have a material beneficial impact.”

On Monday, the PMI survey for manufacturing indicated that the pace of growth in the sector slowed slightly last month, with a reading of 55.9 compared with 56.7 in August.

As a consequence, Mr Archer said that “much attention” would now be focused on the PMI survey for the service sector, which is due to be released on Wednesday. The service sector accounts for about three quarters of the UK’s economy.

Boss Tells Women to Steel Themselves for Leadership

Boss Tells Women to Steel Themselves for Leadership
N Brown group chief executive Angela Spindler knows what it’s like to be the only woman in a room full of men. When she was at retail giant Asda 20 years ago, women in her position were rare: “I’d go to a networking event or a conference and I would be the only female among 100 men.”

She says that’s not the case now, but accepts women are still scarce at the top and some women still find it scary. Her advice: “You have to just steel yourself and go for it.”

Ms Spindler runs N Brown, which owns plus-size clothing brands Jacamo, Simply Be and Marisota.

After a degree in psychology she worked in marketing at confectionary giants Mars and Cadbury. She then moved on to senior jobs at Asda and Debenhams, where she became that rare woman at the top.

She says one of the key things needed to help boost women’s presence at a senior level would be to strengthen the pipeline of candidates available: “It is the responsibility of recruiters that feed the industry to always make sure there are female candidates. I’m not talking about positive discrimination, but getting their names on the list.”

Ms Spindler says if she sees a list of candidates without a woman’s name on it she “sends it straight back.”

She says you need three things to be successful in business: “You need to be good at something, you need ability – some work at it some are born that way – you need to be lucky and in the right place at the right time, and you need to be brave, you’ve got to have courage. “You’ve got to take things in your stride and that’s where women have got to steel themselves and just go for it.”

Women sometimes fall down on that last point, she says: “It’s expected of men that they are going to be successful in their careers, it’s more unusual for women to get to the top of the ladder. It’s got to come from inside. “A lot of it is to do with will, determination and personality.”

Conservatory Roof Blinds: Just What Your Conservatory Needs!

Conservatory Roof Blinds: Just What Your Conservatory Needs!
Summer is in full swing, and across much of the UK we have enjoyed consistently warm, balmy weather that reminds us of our favourite holiday destinations. Indeed, if you live in a home with a conservatory, you may very well feel like you’re on holiday every time you step into your conservatory during late spring and summer. There truly is nothing like a well-appointed conservatory to provide the calming influence that comes with being able to view nature on all sides.

The fact remains, though, that with temperatures reaching above 25 degrees in the early to mid-afternoon in some areas, the conservatory can seem uncomfortably close to nature if steps have not already been taken to ensure that strong sunlight can be filtered or blocked out entirely as needed. With a high-quality set of conservatory roof blinds, you can make your conservatory more attractive, more comfortable, more private and more energy efficient.

If you have not already undertaken to have blinds added to your conservatory roof, it may seem difficult to know what to expect during the ordering and installation process. Three things you should ask any prospective vendor before entering into a contract are:

Does your company offer bespoke blinds for conservatory roofs?

Will the installation process take away from the attractiveness of the conservatory in any way or void the warranty for any reason?

Does your company guarantee both the product and service?

When you find a company that can answer all three questions to your satisfaction, you will know that your conservatory is in good hands and that you will be able to rest easy knowing that you have indeed invested in a valuable improvement to your home.

The inStyle Blinds and Shutters Company has been manufacturing bespoke blinds for homes across the UK for over 30 years. Our price match offer, lifetime guarantee, local production, green manufacturing practices, price match offer and lifetime guarantee ensure that you will have the best possible customer experience and, once the installation is complete, you will fall in love with your conservatory all over again.

Our price match offer, lifetime guarantee, local production, green manufacturing practices, price match offer and lifetime guarantee ensure that you will have the best possible customer experience and, once the installation is complete, you will fall in love with your conservatory all over again. For more information or to book your free appointment, call us today on 01642 762497 or visit www.instyle-blinds.com

Lenders Told to be Vigilant Over Loans

Lenders Told to be Vigilant Over Loans
Lenders have been told to raise their game after regulators highlighted the risks in the consumer credit market. The Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has highlighted various concerns during a review of lending in personal loans, credit cards and car finance.

While it did not find looser credit scoring on the scale seen before the financial crisis it has told banks and others to address specific concerns. They must respond by September.

The Bank has consistently expressed the need for vigilance over double-digit growth in the consumer credit market during “benign” economic conditions.

Last week, it said banks needed to find a further £11.4bn in the next 18 month to beef up their finances against the risk of bad loans. They will also face earlier stress tests to ensure they can cope with loans failing to be repaid.

Now the PRA review has raised various issues including:

>  A need for lenders to assess the credit scoring of a “new generation of borrowers” who have had no experience of higher interest rates
>  The need to take a borrower’s total debt, including mortgage debt, into account when lending
>  Firms should justify assumptions when setting 0% credit card balance transfer deals

No new rules are being outlined, but company boards are being made directly responsible for the response to the PRA.

Minimum Wage for the Self Employed

Minimum Wage for the Self Employed, Suggests Think Tank
Some of the self-employed should be entitled to the national minimum wage, a think tank has urged. The Resolution Foundation says that about half of the 4.8 million people classified as self-employed are low-paid and earn less than £310 a week. As they have no chance to set their own wages they should be classified instead as workers, with wage protection.

The idea has been submitted by the think tank to the Taylor Review on modern employment practices.

Mathew Taylor, the chief executive of the Royal Society for the Arts, was appointed last October by the government to lead a review into the effect of new types of businesses, such as Uber and Deliveroo, which have led to an increase in the number of people in short-term and casual work.

Conor D’Arcy of the Resolution Foundation, said: “While many [of the self-employed] are higher earners who benefit from significant flexibility, around half fall below the low pay earnings threshold of just £310 a week. The government can start by extending minimum wage protections to those self-employed people whose prices are set by a firm. This would mean that self-employed people in the gig economy would be given protection against extreme low pay for the first time ever,” he added.

The Resolution Foundation argues that the test of whether people are really self-employed or simply disguised workers should be whether or not the employer sets the price for the work they do. If applied, that test would affect some well-known industries.

“Affected firms would include gig economy-style platforms claiming to simply connect the self-employed to customers but setting the price for work done, or those with standard terms that they apply to a significant number of the self-employed,” it says.

That would mean a big change for tens of thousands of workers, such as 170,000 self-employed Uber and minicab drivers, 40,000 postal and courier staff, 150,000 hairdressers and 80,000 cleaners.

Mike Cherry, chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “It would be helpful if a better distinction could be made between real entrepreneurs and those who, in all but name, have the appearance of being employed by giant corporations.”

In May the Parliamentary Work and Pensions Committee reported after an inquiry that self-employed status had left some workers vulnerable to “exploitation”. The committee said that drivers and couriers for companies like Uber and Deliveroo needed full workers’ rights and not “bogus” self-employment status.

The Institute of Directors (IoD) said it agreed that the status of workers should be clarified by the government, with the publication of easy-to-understand guidance.

But Seamus Nevin, head of employment and skills policy at the Iod, said undermining the gig economy would bring disadvantages.

“Evidence from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) and the ONS suggest that easier routes into self-employment have also led to rising workplace participation for those who have historically struggled to find a job; notably single parents, disabled individuals, and the long-term unemployed,” he said. “An obligatory minimum wage would undermine the business model of many gig platforms, such as taxi, delivery or cleaning services, who would find it hard to justify paying people at times when there was no demand,” he added.

Updating Your Bathrooms with a New Shower

Updating Your Bathrooms with a New Shower
Bathroom upgrades are among the most beneficial cost-efficient home projects: they make the space more enjoyable for you and your family in the short term and increase your home’s value in the long run. Before taking on such a major home remodelling project, however, it is important to plan out what you want very carefully, either on your own or with the assistance of your chosen bathroom supplier.

When upgrading small bathrooms, making the best possible use of limited space is key. Fortunately, a wide range of sleek, classic yet modern fixtures are available which will brighten up the space and provide that clean feeling that everyone wants out of a full bathroom – without taking up an inordinate amount of space. Shower cubicles without doors, such as those available from Matki showers, are an effective way to create an attractive, open space in which people will not feel cramped every time they walk in.

These days, another consideration is environmental friendliness. If you’re a homeowner, it’s simply no good to underpay for an average-quality shower head and then be faced with exorbitant water bills each month – especially if you have a family or other people living in the home besides yourself. On the upside, the cost of producing higher-quality, environmentally friendly shower fixtures has come down in recent years, and with “green” products now being more sought-after than ever, they are very likely to fall within the price range of someone seeking to renovate bathrooms of any size and for any number of people. If eco-friendliness and cost savings through increased efficiency are concerns for you, then consider installing a shower head from the product ranges of showers including Hansgrohe showers.

A final consideration is how the bathroom décor will all come together. While a wide range of shower heads and other bathroom fixtures are available in bright and shiny silver or glossy white or black, it is equally important to your home’s resale value that everything – walls, fixtures and all – fit into the same overall colour scheme. To that end, it is wise to choose a conservative palette of white, off-white, light blue or black for your bathroom walls.

Bathroom upgrades can be complicated, particularly when undertaking them for the first time for a small bathroom or in an older home, but they needn’t be. With a clear vision of what you want out of the space, you can easily turn a bathroom of any size into one of the most attractive rooms in your house.

P.T. Ranson has been providing branded bathroom supplies and service for bathroom remodelling projects for years. P.T. Ranson has more than 30 years of collective experience and a commitment to providing the best possible products and service for each individual bathroom remodelling project. When buying online from P.T. Ranson, deliveries on the UK mainland are free of charge. For more information, call today on 0191 4696999 or visit the PT Ranson Website today.

Market your Business on the Internet

Market your Business on the Internet
Making sure that your business gets noticed on the internet can be difficult, with so many different companies competing to be seen, unless you pay close attention to your internet marketing strategy you website could go unnoticed by countless potential customers or investors.

internetmarketingMany people look for services or products that they require by conducting a search using a search engine such as Google or Bing and simply typing in what they are looking for and checking out the first results that appear, by making sure that your company is on those first pages they are sure to notice your link.

The use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a great way to ensure that your business reaches those all important first pages of results, helping your website to receive far more directed traffic and improve your businesses online sales and leads.  Although it is a time consuming process involving a lot of knowledge, research and effort the results that can be achieved are truly impressive, you may want to consider investing in the services of a good internet marketing service such as Direct Submit to help you make sure that everything is done to the best possible standard.

With a professional team of expert staff that are always happy to help you will be able to fully discuss every aspect of your internet marketing aims so they can help you design an internet marketing strategy that is completely tailored to your company’s requirements, with no contracts required you can simply let them help you get the ball rolling or also take advantage of their ongoing monitoring and maintenance services offering you a totally flexible service. With prices starting from as low as £50 obtaining expert internet marketing and SEO services may be far more affordable that you think.

If you want to raise you businesses online profile and would like to have some expert guidance to help you ensure it’s a success, no matter how large or small it may be Direct Submit are sure to be able to offer you a service that leaves you satisfied every time. With a great reputation and excellent reviews from past customers you can be sure they are a company you can trust to really show results.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing
Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services is dedicated to helping businesses of any size and in all sectors to reach and exceed their profit goals through effective and ethical SEO marketing. Whether yours is an established business with a website in need of more traffic or you’re just now venturing into cyberspace, Direct Submit will develop the ideal SEO marketing campaign to bring in new clients so that you can focus on the core business while watching revenues soar.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services specialises in SEO and other Internet marketing strategies for UK businesses both large and small. No matter your advertising budget, we will work with you to develop a campaign to help your clients find you right when they need you. To learn more about how we can help you maximise profits, call us today on 0845 272 2350 or visit our Internet Marketing Services website today.