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Hardwood Furniture for any Room

Hardwood Furniture for any Room

Hardwood Furniture for any Room
If you are looking for some really stylish storage solutions for your home, or want to create a coordinated and finished effect in a newly decorated room adding some top quality items of solid wood furniture could be a really good idea, not only will you add a touch of personality to any room you can also be sure that it will last for years to come.


Why not get some inspiration and ideas from Signature Hardwood where they have an excellent range of hardwood furniture in a wide variety of designs so you are sure to find something that is ideal no matter what room of the house you are shopping for.

Whether you are looking for a desk that can store all your papers away, a bed frame that will last a lifetime or a big family table to sit and spend quality time together at Signature Hardwood you are certain to find everything you need to create a home that is completely suited to your needs and that reflects you and your family’s personality and sense of style.

With furniture available in a wide range of top quality woods including Ash, Elm, Beech and Mahogany regardless of the look you are hoping to achieve you can be sure to find something that will complement the rest of your colour scheme and decor perfectly. Being able to store your belongings in a suitable place is the best way to help keep your home well organised and presentable, so having the correct furniture within your home is a really sensible idea if you want to keep things running smoothly.

At Signature Hardwood they have some really clever storage solutions on offer for every room that will enable you to keep everything neat and tidy without the need for piles of storage boxes, bulky filing cabinets or other unsightly items that can clutter up you room, and with most items being available with other complementing pieces of furniture you will be able to create a coordinated and well organised living space with no effort at all.

With all furniture produced being manufactured using the best possible standard using responsibly sourced hardwood from sustainable sources and the majority of items arriving fully assembled you can be sure that no matter what item you may choose to purchase from Signature Hardwood it will be built and designed with style and quality in mind.  With the added advantage off each item being individually crafted not only can you be certain of the craftsmanship of everything they stock you can also take the opportunity to have items adapted so they are more suited to your requirements, which is perfect if you have an awkward corner or alcove that you need to fill.

With an excellent customer service policy, free delivery on orders over £600 and an amazing range of unique, well designed, top quality solid wood furniture to choose from its definitely worth considering taking a browse at what’s available at Signature Hardwood with so many excellent items to choose from for every room you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed with the quality, choice or service that you receive.

Contact Signature Hardwood Furniture
Signature Hardwood was developed out of a passion for quality solid wood furniture. All of their furniture pieces are made from the finest hardwoods from around the World. They work tirelessly to ensure excellent customer focus and satisfaction and source only the finest hardwood furniture from established and reputable Suppliers and Manufacturers with a proven track record. If you would like further information about the range of hardwood furniture available from Signature then you can contact them via the Signature Hardwood Furniture website.

Tourism ‘Will Hold Up’ after Brexit

Tourism ‘Will Hold Up’ after Brexit

Tourism ‘Will Hold Up’ after Brexit
Tourism in the UK will “hold up well” in 2016 after the Brexit vote but fewer jobs than expected will be created in the longer term, executives have said. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) is predicting growth in the sector of 3.6% in the UK over the year. This is higher than predicted global growth in the sector of 3.1%.


It said falling domestic spending would be offset by international visitors loosening the purse strings owing to a more favourable exchange rate.

The WTTC said that, despite the initial solidity of the sector in the UK, there would be some added pressures in the next few years owing to the UK’s vote to leave the EU. It said that the benefit in terms of overseas visitors’ spending from a weaker pound would wear off in 2018 to 2020.

General economic growth in the UK would be weaker and that would affect the industry.

“By 2020, we now expect that the UK travel and tourism sector will support 1.88 million direct jobs, which is approximately 75,000 fewer jobs than forecast in the annual update at the start of the year,” it said in its latest economic update.

Earlier this month, travel researcher ForwardKeys said Brexit had had an “immediate, positive impact” on tourism to the UK. It said flight bookings to the UK jumped since June, driven by the sharp fall in the pound, with 4.3% more flights booked to the UK in the 28 days following the vote than last year.

Mothers’ Pay Lags Behind Men

Mothers’ Pay Lags Behind Men

Mothers’ Pay Lags Behind Men
Women who return to work part-time after having a baby continue to earn less than men for many years afterwards, says a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. The wage gap between men and women becomes steadily wider in the years after babies are born, the IFS says. Women miss out on promotions and accrue less experience than men, which holds back their earning power, it adds.


Over the subsequent 12 years, women’s hourly pay rate falls 33% behind men’s.

Robert Joyce, one of the IFS report’s authors, said women did not see an immediate cut in their hourly wages when they reduce their hours. “Rather, women who work half-time lose out on subsequent wage progression, meaning that the hourly wages of men (and of women in full-time work) pull further and further ahead. In addition, women who take time out of paid work altogether and then return to the labour market miss out on wage growth,” he added.

Men are 40% more likely than women to be promoted into management roles, separate research showed.

A report by the Chartered Management Institute and XpertHR found that the difference in promotion rates is one of the main causes of the gender pay gap.

Mark Crail, content director at XpertHR, said: “The gender pay gap is not primarily about men and women being paid differently for doing the same job. “It’s much more about men being present in greater numbers than women the higher up the organisation you go. Our research shows that this gap begins to open up at relatively junior levels and widens – primarily because men are more likely to be promoted.”

On average, women earn 18% less per hour than men, according to the IFS research. After returning to work following the birth of a first child, that wage difference per hour rises steadily.

The TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “It is scandalous that millions of women still suffer a motherhood pay penalty. Many are forced to leave better-paid jobs due to the pressure of caring responsibilities and the lack of flexible working.”

The starting pay gap of 18% between men and women is in fact much smaller than before. Back in 1993, it was 28% and in 2003 it stood at 23%.

Once children are born, many women return to work only part-time or stop working altogether.

The IFS found that in the 20 years following the arrival of a first child, the average woman had worked for four years fewer than men. And men had spent nine years more than women working for 20 hours a week or more.

“Comparing women who had the same hourly wage before leaving paid work, wages when they return are on average 2% lower for each year spent out of paid work in the interim,” the IFS found.

“This apparent wage penalty for taking time out of paid work is greater for more highly educated women, at 4% for each year out of paid work.  The lowest-educated women (who actually take more time out of paid work after childbirth) do not seem to pay this particular penalty, probably because they have less wage progression to miss out on,” the IFS explained.

Earlier this year the government announced plans, to start in 2017, under which 8,000 employers with more than 250 staff will have to reveal the number of men and women in each pay range, and show where the pay gaps are at their widest.

A government spokeswoman said: “The gender pay gap is the lowest on record but we know we need to make more progress and faster. That’s why we are pushing ahead with plans to force businesses to publish their gender pay and gender bonus gap – shining a light on the barriers preventing women from reaching the top.”

Contactless Cards’ Popularity Grows

Contactless Cards’ Popularity Grows

Contactless Cards’ Popularity Grows
The use of contactless payments in the first half of the year outstripped use in the whole of 2015 as consumers switched from cash to cards. Spending and the number of transactions on contactless were higher in January to June than all of last year, figures from the UK Cards Association show.

Contactless now accounts for 18% of card spending – up from 7% a year ago, the data shows. The average contactless transaction is for £8.60.

This suggests that marketing by the card companies to encourage the use of contactless for small retail purchases, particularly food and drink, has worked.

Use is high in London, reflecting the common use of contactless by commuters on the capital’s transport system.

Cash is still the most common method of payment despite the increasingly popularity of contactless card use and online shopping.

“Contactless cards are firmly entrenched as the preferred way to pay for millions of consumers, who expect to be able to use them for everyday purchases,” said Richard Koch, head of policy at the UK Cards Association.  “We anticipate the use of contactless cards will continue to increase, particularly as charities and transport operators outside London recognise the benefits this technology can bring.”

The figures show that there were 1.1 billion contactless transactions in the first half of the year, compared with 1.05 billion for the whole of 2015. This saw £9.27bn spent on contactless across the UK from January to June compared with £7.75bn over the whole of the previous year.

The one-off spending limit on contactless cards rose from £20 to £30 in September last year, but some major retailers do not accept this method of payment.

Separate research by Barclaycard earlier this year suggested that Britons over the age of 60 were the fastest growing group of people taking to contactless card payments.

Solid Wood Furniture for the Home

Solid Wood Furniture for the Home

Benefits of Buying Solid Wood Furniture
Adding some classic hardwood furniture to your home is an excellent way to add a classy and homely touch instantly and can really help to finish a newly decorated room by adding the perfect finishing touch to any design. At Signature Hardwood they have a wide range of solid wood furniture available for every room in a wide range of styles that are sure to appeal to almost every taste, all made using the highest quality hardwood and the best manufacturing processes available so you can be sure that they are built to last.


Signature Furniture
With so many different products available at Signature Hardwood regardless of whether you are looking for a bed frame, a dining table, a cabinet or even a desk for your home office you will be surprised how many options they have on offer that will be perfect for your needs and with many items available as part of a complementing range you can even create a totally coordinated look through your home.

With a wide range of clever storage solutions available to fit almost any space and many unusual designs available that you are not likely to find anywhere else no matter what kind of home you have you are certain to find something that suits it perfectly.

Buying a well designed and manufactured piece of solid wood furniture that you absolutely love is a really worthwhile investment, especially if it is for a hard to fit space of something that you will use a lot as you can be certain that it will last for years to come, and with the right care stay looking as good as new for just as long, so you can be certain that anything you may purchase from Signature Hardwood is likely to last a lifetime, and with an excellent customer service policy you can be certain that they will do everything they can to put things right in the unlikely event you are not totally satisfied.

With an aim to have all pieces made and delivered directly to you within fourteen days and a commitment to ensuring all goods arrive in perfect condition at Signature Hardwood they always do everything they can to ensure every customer is left completely satisfied, with a simple ordering process a straight forward pricing policy and free delivery on orders over sixty pounds you can be sure of a really high level of customer service every step of the way. They even offer the opportunity to see what they can do for you if you can’t find something within the available range to meet your specific requirements all for a very competitive price.

With ranges including some beautiful products created from oak, ash elm and mahogany so no matter what colour theme you have within your home you can be certain to find some really lovely pieces that will complement your home perfectly and really make the most of the space that you have no matter how large or small. So if you are looking for some really individual and well-made hardwood furniture for any room within your home that is sure to last for years make sure your take a look at the great range available at Signature Hardwood where you are sure to find plenty of great ideas as really good prices.

Contact Signature Hardwood Furniture
Signature Hardwood was developed out of a passion for quality solid wood furniture. All of their furniture pieces are made from the finest hardwoods from around the World. They work tirelessly to ensure excellent customer focus and satisfaction and source only the finest hardwood furniture from established and reputable Suppliers and Manufacturers with a proven track record. If you would like further information about the range of hardwood furniture available from Signature then you can contact them via the Signature Hardwood Furniture website.

Quality Traffic to your Website with Google Adwords

Quality Traffic to your Website with Google Adwords

Drive Quality Traffic to your Website with Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the most versatile ways to drive traffic to your website. Google get 3.5 billion searches per day, meaning that people are constantly searching the web for products and services. 40,000 Google search queries are processed per second. Some of these queries are informational, but many are related to products or services. Right now, hundreds of people are searching for a website like yours. Google AdWords helps you target these searchers, and puts your website in front of these potential customers.


Google AdWords (PPC)
Google have made it incredibly straightforward to advertise with them. You can advertise through the Google AdWords interface.

Why use Google AdWords? There are a variety of reasons. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the more important reasons.

1. Precisely Target Interested Customers

When you create a TV or newspaper advert, you are targeting masses of people. For example, if you advertise lawn mowers in a local newspaper, you will have a variety of people reading your ad, from teenagers to elderly people to businesspeople. Most of your audience probably don’t require a lawn mower at that point in time.

However, with Google AdWords, you can precisely target customers who are interested in lawn mowers only. When someone searches for “lawn mower shop Manchester”, you can place your ad directly on Google’s search results. Since this person is highly interested in purchasing a lawn mower, they are more likely to click your ad. As a result, they are more likely to convert, either by purchasing a lawn mower or through some other conversion. Instead of spending huge amounts on newspaper ads (directed at the masses), you can spend the same on interested customers, who are very likely to purchase.

This means that with a small amount of investment, you can get highly interested people coming to your website. These people have shown interest in your product by conducting a search into Google, and this means you’ll get more conversions and more purchases.

2. Instant Results

This is a no-brainer. With SEO, you have to wait up to six months to start seeing your website receive lots of traffic. While this may be a long-term investment, it does take time. While you are waiting for your website to rise in the SERPs, you can invest in some short-term PPC/Google AdWords advertising. With as little as £20, you can start receiving interested customers to your website. These customers will arrive at your site in as little as a few hours, and you can generate some quick business.

Since PPC is a relatively inexpensive method to gain customers, you can experiment with pricing and keywords. The results are quick; you don’t need to wait months. That said, SEO should definitely be a part of your long-term internet marketing strategy, but PPC can have quick results too.

3. Get Exact Predictions and Data

With Google AdWords, you can choose which keywords you’d like to target. Then, you can get predictions on how many clicks you’ll get.

This gives you exact data and it’ll help you forecast how much traffic you expect to receive. If we compare this to newspaper ads or radio ads, they don’t give any detailed metrics on what you can expect. They may highlight certain demographics or ages, but they aren’t measured with the accurate specificity of Google AdWords. With PPC, you can get accurate metrics on what to expect. Since so many businesses use Google AdWords each year, Google have amassed exponential amounts of data and research on what keywords convert best. All this data is neatly compiled into the AdWords Keyword Planner, and you can easily access it.

You can input the amount of money you’d like to spend per day, eg: £10. With that £10, the tool will state how many clicks you’ll get for that £10 for your chosen keywords. You can then toggle around with the keywords, and choose cheaper or more expensive keywords. This gives you unlimited freedom, because the keywords have been tried and tested, and Google’s long experience in PPC advertising helps you hone in on the most profitable keywords/search queries to target.

Final Thoughts

Google AdWords can be a versatile source of advertising for you. It will allow you to get exact predictions on your expected traffic, it’s easy to use, and it’ll quickly bring targeted customers to your website. If you feel that traditional advertising isn’t working for you, or you want an easy way to get targeted customers to your website, Google AdWords is the perfect choice for you.

Direct Submit Pay per Click & SEO Services Direct Submit are an established Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing company. With over 95% of our business coming direct from client referral, we provide a cost effective and highly efficient service.

We offer a client focussed service, and always speak to our clients in a language they understand, helping them understand the Internet and how a successful Internet Marketing Campaign can benefit their business. Established over a decade ago and operating from the North East of the UK, Direct Submit have become one of the leading SEO and Internet Marketing providers in the North East and the UK.

Our client retention rate is exceptional, currently over 80%, which shows our commitment to working with the client to make a project a success. Unlike most other SEO companies, we do not do any marketing of note. We don’t employ sales people, not do we cold call or bombard business with sales materials. Virtually all of our client base comes directly from referrals.

To speak to one of our Internet Marketing Consultants for advice on making your Web Marketing project a success, call us now on 0845 272 2350 or email us on We look forward to your call.

Running a Small Business: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Running a Small Business: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know

Running a Small Business: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) accounting for 99.9% of all private-sector business in the UK according to the Federation for Small Business. The reasons for starting a small business vary from person to person; many people choose self-employment out of a desire to put skills acquired through years of traditional employment to work on their own terms, while other successful businesses form as the result of a job loss or other unexpected life event which necessitates getting back on one’s feet quickly and with as much flexibility as possible with regard to work-life balance.


If you are thinking about starting a SME, you will need to bear the following in mind no matter what type of business you wish to start and for whatever reason you wish to start it.



Starting a business

The obvious starting point is to have an idea and a business plan. Sample business plans of successful entrepreneurs are widely available on the Internet. One thing that holds back many potential entrepreneurs from starting their own business is the notion that their business must be unique. Nothing could be further from the truth! Anyone who regularly goes into a salon or has her car serviced is well aware of the choice she is making about this versus that hairdresser or auto repair shop. Competition is good for business because it proves that, in terms of supply and demand, there is room for one more. The entrepreneur’s goal upon starting the business, then, is to build it up by attracting clients through a successful marketing strategy.

Sole trader v. Ltd

A sole trader company, or sole proprietorship, is the simplest option for many home-based businesses, freelancers and other independent contractors. Although many sole traders work alone, one can still have employees and be considered a sole trader. The difference between a sole trader company and a limited company is that the sole trader is personally responsible to report profits and losses and to pay taxes accordingly as personal income. A limited company is a separate legal entity from any one person; however, the limited company’s director is responsible for following the company rules laid out in its articles of association and may be dismissed for failing to do so. Both entities are required to register for Self-Assessment and to file a Self-Assessment return each year. New entrepreneurs must register their business with the county clerk and also check with the county clerk about taxes and other reporting requirements.

Potential pitfalls

Among the many aspects of running a small business that entrepreneurs must consider are any factors which might cause it to fail. One of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make is not to have a backup plan for anything which might go wrong. All entrepreneurs need to bear in mind that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” and consider worst-case scenarios before, for example, applying for a business loan using one’s home as collateral, so as to avoid a financial disaster. What if you plan for the business to turn a profit in two years’ time but it takes three or four years to happen? If you are renting office or shop space for your brick-and-mortar business, what if you run into problems with the building itself which may have a negative impact on your business (such as plumbing, climate control or mould growth) and the landlord isn’t willing to assist in remedying those problems? If you find yourself having to physically relocate your business and temporarily halt operations, you will also be faced with a loss of income. Plan, plan, plan for every contingency and insure the business against any material losses.

Another mistake that many entrepreneurs make in the early stages is spending too much time on the core business and devoting too little time to other aspects of business operations, particularly developing and implementing a marketing strategy. Without clients, there is no business. Thankfully for entrepreneurs with limited marketing resources, the Internet provides countless free and low-cost options for promoting a small business, including social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, professional networking opportunities through LinkedIn and online adverts through the likes of Google AdWords. The successful entrepreneur will exhaust such resources before investing in more traditional – and typically more costly – television and radio advertisements which may or may not be relevant.

Benefits of self-employment

While the realities of running a small business can be overwhelming – particularly in the start-up stage – many entrepreneurs are quick to point out the benefits of being one’s own boss. For most businesses run entirely online and via telephone, the work hours are a great deal more flexible than in any traditional employment situation, and any entrepreneur will find this agreeable if he is “not a morning person.” The home-based entrepreneur is also spared the obligations of professional attire and a regular commute as well as the pressure to conform to an office culture. And while a steep learning curve comes into play for many entrepreneurs where managing day-to-day operations, record keeping and finances are concerned, it can also be very satisfying from a professional standpoint to be entirely in control of these aspects of the business as opposed to being a traditional employee whose employment status depends largely on how successfully those operations are carried out by the organisation’s top management.

With SMEs accounting for so much of the UK’s economic viability, one certainly has a lot to gain from starting and running a small business. If you are ready to take the giant leap from traditional employment to entrepreneurship, thorough planning will prepare you well for the challenges – and triumphs, if all goes well – which lie ahead.

Marketing your Business Online

If you want your new business to be seen online and have the best possible start why not talk to one of the friendly and fully trained team at Direct Submit to find out how they could help your company’s website boost its online profile?  No matter what products or services you sell you can be certain that they will be able to offer your service and excellent service that generates real results, check out their great past customer testimonials to see how many people have been left satisfied with the service they provide.

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Penfolds and Wolf Blass Wine Maker see Profits Double

Penfolds and Wolf Blass Wine Maker see Profits Double

Penfolds and Wolf Blass Wine Maker see Profits Double
Profits for the Australian makers of Penfolds and Wolf Blas wines have more than doubled, boosted by growing thirst from younger Asian drinkers. Profits for Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) rose to A$179.4m (£106m).

As economic growth has slowed in Asia, the company has aimed lower-priced bottles at millennial drinkers. This replaced its previous marketing focus which targeted sales of more expensive wine to older, wealthier customers.

“The millennial consumer tends to be a very good target for us. What we are finding is that a lot of those consumers are moving away from other beverages like beer, spirits and baijiu in China and moving to wine,” said chief executive Michael Clarke.

Treasury shares soared 11.5% to $10.65 in Sydney on Thursday, bringing the rise this year to 28%.

The strong sales in Asia are reflected in its valuation, said Ben Le Brun, a Sydney-based analyst at OptionsXpress. “We’re dealing with a stock that already trades at a significant premium to the rest of the market. It’s good foothold into Asia probably has to do with that good valuation.”

Treasury said its purchase at the start of the year of Diageo’s wine business, which includes the Piat D’or brand, had been positive for its margins and would help earnings to grow strongly next year.

Cisco to Cut up to 5,500 jobs

Cisco to Cut up to 5,500 jobs

Cisco to Cut up to 5,500 jobs
US tech giant Cisco Systems is cutting up to 7% of its global workforce, or 5,500 jobs, starting this summer. A report had suggested earlier in the day that the firm could cut as many as 14,000 jobs worldwide. Cisco said it was taking the “decisive” move so it could reinvest in faster-growing areas such as security and cloud computing.


The US company employs about 70,000 people globally, with around 5,000 in the UK.  “Today’s market requires Cisco and our customers to be decisive, move with greater speed and drive more innovation than we’ve seen in our history,” the company said in a statement.

Cisco plans to reinvest the money saved from the job cuts in “key priority areas” for the company, including developments in the “internet of things” (connecting everyday objects to the internet), next generation data centres and cloud computing technology. Cisco’s traditional business of selling network switches and routers has struggled in recent years as demand from telecom carriers has fallen and competition from other suppliers has increased.

In the fourth quarter revenue from the router unit fell 6%, while revenue at the switch unit grew by only 2%.

The company has focused more of its attention on its firewall business that offers computer protection software. It has also devoted more resources to acquiring other businesses. In the last year Cisco has purchased 10 companies, many of which offer cloud-based services to connect or secure internet enabled equipment and devices.

Overall, Cisco reported a $2.8bn (£2.1bn) profit for the fourth quarter, up 21% from the same time last year. It is the second tech giant this year to announce major layoffs. In April, competitor Intel announced it was cutting 12,000 jobs or 11% of its global workforce.

A New Designer Bathroom from PT Ranson

A New Designer Bathroom from PT Ranson

A New Designer Bathroom from PT Ranson
Updating your bathroom is an excellent way of improving your quality of life and also adding value to your property should you want to sell in the future making it an excellent investment for your home, at P T Ranson they have an excellent range of bathroom products from designers such as Vitra Bathrooms that are sure to give you plenty of inspiration and new ideas to help you completely transform your bathroom into a space that you love.


No matter what kind of theme or style you would like to create at P T Ranson they have a wide range of style and designs available that are sure to cater to any kind of tastes all created to the highest possible standards. With many baths, toilets, basins and other accessories available you can be sure to find everything you need to create a beautiful bathroom that complements your home and reflects your sense of style perfectly.

If you are looking to create a classic bathroom that has a real sense of tradition take a look at some of the beautiful designs of toilets, sinks, baths and other bathroom items available including those from Hansgrohe Showers. With everything you need to make the perfect bathroom that will last for years to come, products available from Imperial Bathrooms are manufactured using only the highest quality materials you will be sure to be impressed with the standard of any goods you may buy.

Or take a look at some of the of the stylish and contemporary designs available from Imperial Bathrooms if you would prefer a more modern look, with many innovative and unique baths, basins toilets and other bathrooms accessories available you will be able to create a bathroom that is reflects all the comforts and advantages of modern design perfectly. With elegant styles and a real eye for detail at Vitra Bathrooms they aim to combine high quality design with excellent value for money.

So no matter what type of design you may have in mind, why not take a look at the great bathroom products available at P T Ranson with such a wide range of styles and ideas available from carefully selected suppliers you can be sure that no matter what bathroom design you decide you like any product you choose will be produced to the highest possible standard and delivered to you with the minimum of fuss. Whether your home is ten years old or 100 years old, adding a new bathroom or upgrading to designer bathrooms is one of the best investments you can make in your home.

The right luxury bathroom fittings will make your daily routine more enjoyable, impress your guests and put you in a favourable position to sell your home should that day ever come. You might even find that certain space-saving features are more attractive than the ones you already have. Make sure that the designer you choose can offer the best value for the design you have chosen, and your new designer bathroom will delight your family and guests for many years to come.

If you want a looking for a new shower that is truly effective that you know you can rely on check out the great range of Hansgrohe Showers where they have a great range of efficient and stylish shower designs that will really give your bathroom a modern edge along with all the accessories required to make sure that you get the perfect finish, including wall outlets and concealed valves so you can get the job done exactly how you want it.

P T Ranson bathrooms & Showers
So if you want to install a new shower in your bathroom why not get some inspiration from P T Ranson? Regardless of your tastes or the style you are hoping to achieve with such a wide range of top quality products you are sure to find the ideal shower for your bathroom. P.T. Ranson has been supplying and installing components for luxury bathrooms across the UK for over 15 years. We work with architect’s specifications as needed and are prepared to guide homeowners through every step of the process, from initial consultation and planning to final installation. Let our experts outfit your home with the luxury bathroom of your dreams in 2015.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today on 0191 469 6999 or visit the P.T. Ranson designer bathrooms website today.