Day: June 10, 2014

Hoopstarz: Helping Children Stay Fit and Healthy

Hoopstarz: Helping Children Stay Fit and Healthy

Hoopstarz: Helping Children Stay Fit and Healthy
It’s no secret that obesity is a growing problem worldwide, but new statistics regarding the obesity epidemic are truly alarming. According to a study recently published in The Lancet, fully one-third of the world’s population – over 2 billion people – is overweight or obese. While the study pointed out that countries in the developing world are experiencing the most rapid shift toward obesity and the host of chronic health conditions that come with being overweight, the situation is only slightly better in wealthy countries like Britain and the United States.

Now consider the children at your school: more than likely, at least one-third of your students are also overweight or obese. And what may not seem like a serious problem now can become one in time if children are allowed an excessive amount of time for sedentary activities and not encouraged to exercise.

Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, and most do not get anywhere near that much exercise. Even though it is easy to blame childhood obesity on the fact that virtually every household nowadays has a television and computer and that children spend far too much time in front of a screen, we must also acknowledge that many children are simply not inclined to play team sports and do not know of any alternative activities that will help them grow up to be strong and healthy.

Enter Hoopstarz. Hoopstarz was developed by KidzRFit to promote children’s fitness through hula hooping in a supportive environment where they can learn a new skill, have fun practising it and become healthier and more physically fit while doing so.

Activities such as Hoopstarz are invaluable for developing and improving balance and coordination and, since hooping is not a traditional sport, it’s also a great way to help non-athletic children overcome any self-esteem issues they may have. No child participating in Hoopstarz will ever have to worry about not being chosen to play on the team, because it’s every player for himself and everyone has a chance to shine.

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