Herdman Jones Commercial Photography

Herdman Jones Commercial Photography
With a strong background in photography, design and marketing, Herdman Jones Photography have worked for a range of different businesses for over 20 years in Europe, Middle East and Far East. A key aspect of the various roles has been providing quality imagery for marketing materials. Although our core business is in providing bespoke and high quality photographs, we also have experience and qualifications in a range of disciplines including Graphic Design, Web Design, Engineering and Marketing. However, at Herdman Jones our primary focus is on providing high quality photography Services to help promote and market the business community.

Herdman Jones Marketing Consultants began in 2009, managed and inspired by Nigel Herdman, and quickly realised we could offer a little extra by including photography to our list of services – the demand for which has grown quite considerably. The main focus is basically providing bespoke images for businesses, with a background in engineering, design and marketing if have quite a unique eye for detail – the details that matter to your potential customers.

Photography was originally a service we provided for clients to help product bespoke images for websites, literature, presentations adverts and a range of other marketing materials. However over the past year or so, this has become a major part of the business, warranting it’s own website. Hence we have now finally having got around to setting up a website specifically for photography.

A Confucious quote that has stuck in the mind ever since school “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – that is exactly how Nigel feels when working with cameras, whether it is photographing a beautiful Ferrari or just a clients office or their operations – working life does not get much better than that!

Originally becaming interested in photography at the age of about 10, Nigels dad taught him to use his 35mm Leica and light meter – and he can still remember the very first photograph – of York Minster. Nigel originally graduated as an engineer but then went on to study marketing, graphic design and photography. Having worked in mechanical or civil engineering for the past 20 plus years in Europe, the Middle East and Far East.

In all of the roles employed, Nigel has always ended up with a camera in hand, photographing products, equipment, job sites, factories, manufacturing etc for literature, adverts, technical papers, presentations and websites.

We offer our clients a range of commercial photography and produce unique and representative photographs for your business. Located in the North East of the UK, we provide commercial photography services throughout the whole of the UK. Rather than using the same stock imagery that appears on a huge number websites, contact Herdman Jones and let us work with you to provide high quality images specific to your business.

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