China – The Largest PC Market in 2012

China – The Biggest PC Market in 2012 – IHS Report
China has overtaken the US as the world’s biggest market for personal computers, according to a market data report.  Research by the consultants IHS said PC shipments to the country rose to 69 million units in 2012.

The US was the largest market up until 2011. Last year, it had orders for 66 million units.

China is also the world’s biggest internet market, with more than 500 million users.

Laptops are the fastest rising sector in developed markets and have overtaken PCs, but in China the sale of desktops and laptops is evenly split.

Peter Lin, senior analyst for computer platforms at IHS, said: “The equal share of shipments for desktop [PCs] and notebooks [lightweight laptops] in China is unusual, since consumers in most regions today tend to prefer more agile mobile PCs, rather than the bulky, stationary desktops. “The relatively large percentage of desktop PC shipments in China is due to huge demand in the country’s rural areas, which account for a major segment of the country’s 1.34 billion citizens. These consumers tend to prefer the desktop.”

IHS expects Chinese demand to mirror that in developed markets by 2014, when it predicts a desktop-to-laptop PC ratio of 36-64%. Demand for PCs in China is projected to grow by just 3-4% this year as China comes into line with others in preferring smaller devices. The Chinese government is investing heavily in computer infrastructure, and plans to spend around 40 trillion yuan ($6.4tn; £4.2tn) building rural infrastructure in the next 10 years.

Wedding Invitations – Using Wedding Stationery to make an Impression

Wedding Invitations
The design choices that you make can define the impression of your event by all the guests! Do you want people to be wowed and really excited in the prospect of your Wedding say, then this is how to set the tone! Really choosing the right wedding stationery makes an impression like walking down the isle in your wedding dress. Don’t make this a snap or swift decision, these styles should reflect you as a couple and the theme of your wedding! With so many options and working with a great company we have put together a guide…

Do your Research & Putting the Time in
The first three things that you need to do are: 1. Pick the colour scheme e.g Purples 2. Select an overall theme or style e.g Art Deco 3. Pick your venue then you need to explore the options and ideas for your Wedding stationery. Try Googling ‘Wedding Invitation Ideas’ or visit blogs and find a business that will fit your style or theme. Ordering samples is a good idea but not essential… take a look at photography and customer feedback this will give you an idea of quality. Once you are happy with the designs and styles consult your partner then click go!

Be Realistic with Price, don’t go Overboard
Its one of the first things that you will buy and with budget burning a whole in your pocket… you could go overboard. Always be realistic with your budget and stick within your limits this includes selections, quantity and price. Double sided menu and table name? Order a Save the date, Invitation and RSVP in one go to get a discount on multiple prints? There will always be designers that will create something to fit your budget… if you want quality on a small budget then make sure the important things are purchased like Invitations before place cards.

Making it Personal, make the Wedding Invitation Memorable
Good designers will create a brand and signature or wedding logo for the couple that will be used throughout your individual collection! But your stationery should always be a true reflection of you as a couple. This is what will make the stationery special and give people the wow factor to be memorable. Don’t send diamonds over everything if your not that glamour girl. The invites are the first impression they will have of the big day so take your time and make it look right!

Co-ordinate your Wedding Invitation Theme
After creating and designing a theme and selecting your wedding colours, now its time to drop hints and implement them to your stationery. Your save the date cards and invitations should match your colour scheme and theme (if you have one) so pick the exact tones or complimenting colours. Give each guest a taste of what is coming. After all, don’t go formal and romantic if you are planning a exotic destination wedding.

Information is Key to your Wedding Guests
Is it outdoor, is it indoor is it child free? Do you have all the gifts you need, perhaps helping towards honeymoon would be your preferred gift? Are there hotel rooms available at the evening reception, if so how many? Perhaps the night time is a fancy dress event? This is your chance on the invitation or supporting material to give guests clear instruction… good designers and artists will make this ‘boring’ information look good. Put it all in the same paragraph or on the same piece of card / paper so the guests can keep hold until nearer the event!

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Benefits of Shopping Online with the Home and Gift Shop

Benefits of Shopping Online
Online shopping websites such as the Home and Gift shop offer almost everything for the home and garden, including items such as traditional bed linen through to gifts for the family or pet. Plus, the home wares and clothing available from these type of online store, are often designed to provide you with unique answers to your everyday needs assisting you to live an independent life.

Many people look to shop online nowadays as a convenient way to shop and will often find it offers them the opportunity to save money. By choosing to shop online you will be able to enjoy many benefits, some of which are self-explanatory, others that are not quite so apparent.

So what are just some of the benefits of shopping online:

Lower Prices
The Internet provides access to millions of retail outlets with details of the product you are searching for, often at lower prices than the high street, and – many online stores will often offer the money saving benefit of what are often referred to as the “Online ONLY” deals. These online deals will often offer extensive discounts and savings only to those who purchase specific items online.

Greater Choice of Product or Services
Access to a huge range of products or services, with all the information provided online enabling you to compare and make an informed decision. Plus, as more traditional homeware products such as cellular pure wool blankets or flannelette duvet bedding becomes ever more difficult to find, the Internet offers unrivalled access to items such as these.

The Internet has enabled online stores to be open for business around the clock which lets you shop entirely at your convenience, and for those who perhaps have mobility issues then, many will find online shopping a very convenient way to shop.

Online shopping can offer true convenience for all shoppers. Lower prices, a wider selection of products or services, and the convenience of shopping at a time that suits you are just a few of the many reasons more and more people are turning to online shopping.

If you have not joined the ever growing population of online shoppers, this is your opportunity. With online shopping, you save money, time, and effort all with the click of a mouse. Online stores such as the Home and Gift shop offers everything for the home including kitchen gifts, bedroom furnishings and much more.

Not that long ago, shopping for home furnishings and decor could be a real hassle, when finding the furnishings or products you were looking for usually involved you trawling around endless high streets or out of town retail parks. However, thanks to the Internet, you can now easily shop for home furnishings, kitchen decor, garden furniture and much more with a few simple clicks of your computer mouse.

Instead of choosing from among dozens or even hundreds of products, you can select from among hundreds of thousands of wonderful items to help transform your home with whatever style of home furnishings and decor you might choose. Shopping online can make things a lot easier and much more convenient.

When visiting an online shop selling home furnishings and decor, shoppers at stores such as the Home & Gift Shop will find a very simple to navigate and well organised store. The site helping guide you quickly to the products or goods you are searching for. At the Home & Gift Shop the home furnishings and giftware are clearly catagorised into useful product sections including homeware & furnishings, gifts, outdoor products and much more.

A good online store will provide pictures and descriptions of the many products being offered for sale.  You will also know straight away what costs are involved, any delivery details and any postage costs that may apply. For many people this ‘clarity’ makes shopping online preferable to going into the high street stores where there is often some confusion as to the actual final cost that would need to be paid.

Shopping for home furnishings and gifts can also be more exciting and productive when done online. Select the product, click on an image and discover the product or gift that best suits the shopper’s requirements.  Maybe you have just bought a new house or are ready to make some changes to make your interior design more current or reflective of your current lifestyle.

Whatever your goal, be it an entirely new home décor or a revamp of your present home, you can add passion, colour and style by indulging yourself in some of the many home furnishings, home essentials, garden furniture available now from the Home & Gift Shop.

Shopping online for home furnishings and gifts is a great way to get decorating ideas and the perfect way to find a huge selection of products. And, by shopping online, you will often also be able to find high quality items at bargain prices, something that every homemaker will appreciate! So, be creative and have fun when choosing the home furnishings and giftware for your new home. And remember, you can browse our ever growing range of home furnishings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at the Home & Gift Shop.

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What the Flowers Tell Us

What the Flowers Tell Us
Flowers show to us in no uncertain terms the value of beauty. They show us the true nature of life and wonder and in their gentle way show us the nature of impermanence. Once we begin to understand impermanence we can begin to grasp the nature of transient beauty.  This is why we choose to have flowers before us, in our room or in our garden. This is why we choose to give flowers to another.

To say without words that we want to understand the wonder of everything and that we are all bound, every one of us, by the laws of impermanence and beauty and joy and wonder. Of course we love how they smell and show us their visual beauty, they add colour to a dark day and arouse our senses and give us a feeling of well being and comfort and joy. Yet the true beauty of the flowers is their glorious message to our soul. Enjoy this beauty right now.

The flowers show us that we are all in this together. They show us the meaning of life and the beauty of it all.

This is where Cosmic Flower Shop begins. This is beauty. This is life. Each individual order is carefully considered and completely unique. We listen to you and we know how to get your message across through beautiful flowers. Then we deliver them for you. Cosmic Flowers believe there is no other flower shop in Newcastle (or the world) where you will receive such originality, meaning, value for money and dedicated customer service.

Ring or email to tell us what you would like to send, to whom and the reason why. We will always listen and understand and then create just the right thing. Even if you’re not sure how or what to express, just get in touch anyway!

With our expertise, passion for flowers and experience we can make a beautiful solution. We will always make sure you are never lost in translation and then we will deliver. You will always be happy with us! Offering free delivery in the Newcastle area and we can provide fresh flower creations hand-tied and arranged in vases or wrapped and bow-tied or however you prefer. We have a special way with flowers and with meaning.

Something else Cosmic Flowers do differently too! – if you wish, they will email you a photo of the flower creation we have carefully designed and arranged for you so that you don’t need to rely on the kindness of your recipient to know that you message was translated and understood (and that your money was well spent). Our clients tend to stick with us once they have tried us and have seen what we can do for them. This can only mean that we are true to our word, beautifully different and deliver what we say we will. You can read our testimonials to hear how happy our clients are with us.

Think of someone and something beautiful. Think of what you need to say. Think of flowers then think Cosmic Flower Shop – a different Newcastle Florist.

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Bank of England Extends Funding for Lending Scheme

Bank of England Extends Funding for Lending Scheme
The Bank of England has announced plans to expand a lending scheme designed to help businesses and households. The Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS), due to end in January 2014, will be extended for another year to 2015. Banks will be given greater incentives to lend to small and medium-sized businesses, and creditors other than banks will be able to participate.

Since its launch in August, the scheme has been criticised for failing to boost lending. The scheme is supposed to encourage banks to lend by offering them cheap loans on the condition they pass them on to customers.

Bank of England figures suggest banks took nearly £14bn from the FLS between August and December last year. However, among participating banks, lending was actually lower in that six month period, than it was in the six months before the scheme was introduced. According to the Treasury, new incentive measures are designed to encourage banks to lend more by allowing them to borrow an extra £5 from the FLS for every £1 they lend to a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). In an effort to get banks to lend sooner, they will be able to borrow £10 in 2014, when the scheme is extended, for every £1 they lend in 2013.

The extension to the scheme has been widely expected. The Chancellor, George Osborne, first suggested the move in his March Budget.

Matthew Fell, CBI Director for Competitive Markets, said there were already signs of life thanks to the original plan, but that it needed to be widely publicised. “Funding for Lending is only one piece of the finance jigsaw,” he said. “Boosting firms’ confidence by raising awareness of the various funding schemes available is critical.”

Chris Leslie, Labour’s shadow Treasury minister, welcomed the plan, but said more drastic action was needed. “What we need is a proper British Investment Bank to get lending going to small and medium-sized businesses – wider action to kick-start our flatlining economy,” he said.

In its most recent policy meeting, the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee said it saw “merit” in extending the scheme, as an alternative to an expansion of quantitative easing. The move comes as Mr Osborne faces increasing pressure to find ways to boost the UK’s economic growth. On Thursday, the Office for National Statistics will publish its first estimates for growth for the first three months of 2013. They are expected to show that the economy continues to remain flat, and international observers, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), have questioned whether the chancellor should reconsider the pace of the government’s austerity measures.

Searching for a Holiday Villa in Rhodes

Searching for a Holiday Villa in Rhodes
Relaxing in a lovely environment where all the hustles and bustles that characterise our often monotonous lives, can be forgotten for a while is something everybody could do with once in a while. Nothing presents this better than a holiday villa located in a serene environment with a welcoming sea breeze and a breath taking scenery.

This is what awaits you on your visit to the Kolympus View Holiday Villas on the Greek Island of Rhodes. This is the place that every holiday lover should visit at least once to experience what this lovely part of the world has to offer and it is an experience that will forever be treasured.

Holiday Villas on Rhodes – Offering Access to a Rich History
The first thing that one notice while approaching this beautiful place is the breathtaking sea line, which has a rich history, one enshrined with the myths and facts about the early Greek civilization. Most people would do anything to get to this part of the world; a place where perhaps the human civilization, as we know it today, could have began. Imagine that kind of rich history combined with modernity as well as serene environment promising to take away all the troubles of this world. Holiday villas on Rhodes offer the visitor the opportunity to relax or get away from the everyday daily routine.

Home Away From Home
The Kolympus View Holiday Villas on Rhodes are well furnished with luxurious furniture that contributes in creating the home away from home atmosphere. The villas offer either two bedroom apartments or a four bedroom house, well structured to meet your every holiday needs. If you are with your family, then they will serve you well, ensuring that every member of the family is catered for and enjoys comfortable holiday. For those looking for a degree of seclusion, these villas will offer the kind of privacy that you many require, as you relax in a home away from home.

Offering Facilities Engulfed in Luxury
Our holiday villas on Rhodes are well equipped with facilities that are supposed to ensure that you enjoy the best while you are on vacation. There are large private pools and relaxing outdoor lounge areas that offer the holiday makers space to relax as they enjoy their meals and drinks. There are also barbeque facilities amidst well trimmed landscapes that give these villas a wonderful touch. While you are here, you can also connect with the outside world through the high speed wifi connectivity on offer, giving you a chance to enjoy a relatively fast internet connection.

On top of a small hillside that offers scenic mountain views from the front and breath taking sea views from the back, Kolympus View Villas reside within a beautiful, private and peaceful location, providing the perfect mix of relaxation whilst at the same time having the vibrant village of Afandou in very close proximity.

Now that you are aware of the relaxation, location and enjoyment on offer when you visit our holiday villas, the only thing left is to book the trip. Kolympus View Holiday Villas are a relatively new holiday villa rental development, located in the region of Afandou, one of the most up and coming resort areas on Rhodes.  So why not visit the  Kolympus View Holiday Villas on Rhodes and enjoy what this Greek Island has to offer. It is an experience like no other; definitely worth a visit.

To book your holiday and to check for availability, visit

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Looking at Kids Fitness – Get Your Kid Up and Moving

Looking at Kids Fitness – Get Your Kid Up and Moving
With childhood obesity on the rise, more and more parents are looking for solutions to combat this alarming trend. Kids fitness and health is suffering and there are options out there to make kids healthier and happier.

A UK based children’s fitness service – Kidz R Fit has the goal of helping kids achieve confidence through fitness. Once parents and kids learn of the health benefits of this program, they will see why this is clearly the path to choose.

When it comes to children’s health and fitness, it can often be hard to get a youngster to get up and move. They often think it’s going to be boring, time consuming and hard. You can get all of these ill-conceived notions out of their heads when you sign your child up for Kidz R Fit. These programs are not only health and fitness-centered, but they are fun as well. Kids will especially love how we connect fitness and dance to make physical education even more appealing.

Not only will kids learn fitness, but they’ll build confidence and respect as well by learning the principles of dance. Kids have fun by learning movement, how their bodies work and fun choreography. Children learn the fundamentals all while in an energetic, heart-pumping session.

Kidz R Fit features the BoogieStarz package, which offers a multitude of dances to keep the variety alive. Kids can choose between Street dancing, Disco, Salsa and even Bollywood. Each style offers music to keep the kiddos motivated and interested. Not only are kids learning our exciting choreography, but they will even have the opportunity to create their own. This keeps them vested in fitness since they are taking a hands-on approach.

Fitness and dance for kids is designed to allow children to build stamina, improve cardio health and keep body weight at a healthy range. When children sign up for dance fitness classes, they will be able to develop their stamina over time. Their bodies will get used to the exercise, which they will be soon craving. They will love the healthy sense of well-being that they feel after an exciting session.

Kidz R Fit offers both dance and fitness courses for children. These programs are offered in schools, nurseries and even playgroups. These courses are sure to get kids up and active to improve children health. It teaches them not only what fitness can be, but also how fun it can be.

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Google Play App Store ‘Outgrowing Apple’

Google Play App Store ‘Outgrowing Apple’
The growth in Android phones and an appetite for game downloads means Google’s Play store is booming, say technology analysts.

Google’s app store revenues grew more than three times faster than Apple’s in the first quarter of 2013, research suggests. Google Play’s income was up roughly 90% on the last quarter of 2012, while Apple’s App Store saw a rise of around a quarter.

However, Apple still enjoys the highest total revenue, with Google making just 38.5% of its competitor’s total.That is a big jump from a year ago, however, when that figure was just a tenth. Research firm App Annie says game-hungry smartphone fans in Japan and South Korea are behind the boost in Play Store’s fortunes.

The rapid growth of devices using Google’s Android means the operating system now accounts for around 70% of the global smartphone market.

However, Apple’s “simpler” payment system may be helping it keep ahead in the financial stakes. “In terms of downloads (paid for and free), Google Play has caught up to 90% of Apple’s, and will close the gap soon, but this hasn’t translated to revenues,” said Oliver Lo, Vice-President at App Annie. Lo said a higher percentage of iPad and iPhone users had registered a credit card with their Apple account, making it easier for them to buy apps.

The Google store has a more varied system, including credit cards, mobile network billing and Google Wallet.

Game downloads are still the biggest money-spinners for both stores, say researchers. Some 80% of Google Play revenues come from downloads of popular titles such as Minecraft and Temple Run. For the App Store the figure is 70%.

The overall app market is estimated to have raked in more than $2bn (£1.3bn) in the first three months of this year. Developers typically get 70% of the cost of an app, with the rest going to Apple or Google.

Gifts for the Home & Garden

Gifts for the Home & Garden
Moving home is often considered one of the most stressful experiences a family can have, particularly if the process has been over an extended period and fraught with difficulties – organising the property chain, sorting removals and all of the other such issues. However, moving to a new home should also be a time to celebrate and the perfect time to treat ‘the home’ to a new home gift.

One of the first things most people do, often even before the removal van leaves is to put the kettle on and make all concerned a welcome cup of tea or coffee.  A new kettle or coffee machine is often an ideal ‘new home gift’ and will help everyone settle in quickly and help them feel at home. However, gifts for the kitchen are not the only gifts to help the new home experience, which could include a luxury bath set or some new bedding.

For visitors to the new home, it’s also often considered a good idea to have a gift in hand when you visit, helping them celebrate their new home with a gift that may be practical, useful, and a potential memory maker. We’ve come up with some ideas for both traditional gifts and new, and these include decorative scented coat hangers, Egyptian cotton towels, Sherpa throws or luxury bath and pedestal mats.

But where to find the time to go shopping for these homeware gifts? Moving into a new home is almost certainly a time consuming and stressful experience, with little time to go to the local shops searching for such items.

Online shopping websites such as the Home and Gift shop offer convenience and range, offering everything for the home and garden, including a diverse range of home & garden furniture, including a range of gift ideas for the kitchen and bedroom, many of which you probably never knew existed.

The internet now allows the consumer to be able to search a far wider choice of shopping merchandise than is sometimes available in out of town shopping malls or on the high street. And for those living in smaller towns or in the more rural locations, online shopping has become not just a convenience but, in many cases, can be a life line. The internet has also helped many shopping retailers to expand their business by giving them the opportunity to market their home furnishings and gift ideas to a much wider audience.

Buying a new home gift is simple with the great selection of practical, relaxing and celebratory gifts available in the Home and Gift Shop, offering everything for the home including kitchen gifts, bedroom furnishings and much more.

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Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding Invitation Ideas
Congratulations on getting engaged… its now time to set the style theme and tone of your Wedding. Making the first impression counts so pick your Wedding invitations & wedding stationery together to create a theme! This is the first thing that brides & grooms can choose to give guests a flavour of the style, colour, image. Your save the dates that are sent out to guests should reflect the theme or individual ideas behind your wedding… remember to make this one special!

Paper – texture and weight, the texture of your wedding stationery is how the paper or card has been made. Texture gives wedding invites and stationery  a feel of expense and quality.. the paper can be smooth or laid this gives a waffle like texture with tiny little impressions all over. Something worth thinking about when picking the can really effect the cost. The weight of any print material is measured by GSM and the higher the number the thicker and more durable the product. When picking your wedding stationery and especially wedding invitations select no lower than 250 GSM if you do it will simply feel like a flyer or poster.

The Font you choose – Classic, Vintage, Romantic, Curvy or straight…. curvy fonts can look very fun, playful or cheap depending on your selection. So this is where getting a designer helps who knows about typography. Straight fonts & more traditional typefaces are known as ‘Serif Fonts’  these fonts usually give a classy, sleek and sophisticated look but careful it doesn’t look boring! Adding a hint of colour, detail or graphic can help bring the stationery to life.

Invitation and Wording – playful or traditional, this is the way you write your invitation.. something you can be very creating with. Recently we have stumbled across some great invites saying ‘Time to drink champagne and dance on the table’ sets the tone and creates excitement for all! If you are looking for something more traditional try pulling out your parents or grandparents box of wedding memories and take inspiration from there.

The character of your print – This style should reflect the Bride and Groom as a couple, get all your ideas pulled together.. it should all match and flow without hesitation. Colour to catch the eye – a hint of colour will always go down well, what colour will keep appearing in your wedding in Flowers, Dresses, Table Decor and more? If you have decided then add this into your stationery designs to give people a hint of what is to come!

Add a finishing touch to your stationery set & get a stamp made OR seal with a branded sticker something special then wrap with a sticker, ribbon or bow!

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